Play, create, relax!

The Kozy Couch was designed and manufactured with kids in mind - how they play, how they create, how they relax. Give your little one a space all their own – for hours of imagination and endless possibilities!

Kids love getting Kozy!

More foam. More Comfort.

Most competitors' base cushions stack up to 8 inches thick - ours stack to 10-inches thick. With 25% more foam than our competitors, the Kozy is softer and more supportive. Makes a great sleep-over spot, too!

Soft fabric for kozying up

Kozy couch covers are made of soft, durable fabric, like the kind found on adult-sized furniture.

Quality tested, safety certified

The Kozy is made with polyurethane foam certified by a world-wide independent non-profit agency, CertiPUR-US®. We also test at our own lab to ensure quality and compliance with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulations.

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